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Updated 3/2021


PJ’s Pet Sitting was founded in 2004 to promote, support and recognize excellence in pet sitting. When you hire PJ’s Pet Sitting Service, you are hiring professionals who believe in the quality service and high standards that we promote. We have 10+ years of experience in pets & sitting services. PJ's are pet sitters because we love pets. PJ's provides educational services and information to help our client's better care for the pets that you love, too.

We now have 50+ clients and a 90% return rate year to year. Thanks to our clients for years of support and referrals. We could not have grown our business without you!

There are dozens of services that will pet sit your animal, but what sets PJ'S PET SITTING apart from the rest is that we walk, play, exercise and have fun with your animals.......making our time together the highlight of your animal's day!

We believe that all pets should be cared for like children and treated with that same kind of love and respect.

For variety, we may take your dog to the lake or ocean to run and swim, to the local dog park to socialize, for a walk in the woods or a stroll in the local park...or maybe just playtime with lots of toys in your house or in your yard. Cats will get one on one playful time with their favorite toys or maybe just cuddled and pet. Birds get out of cage time to feel free while your away. We also do lots of extra things to help you while you are away like bringing in the mail and newspapers so they don't pile up. We offer lots more so please don't be afraid to ask us anything: if we can, we will do it...

If you and your dog have a favorite destination, just let us know, and that will be included in the routine. But no matter what we do, your pet will get lots of fun & playful exercise.

Paul's background


Paul is 48 years old and has raised animals his entire life but his favorites are dogs. He is wonderful with animals of all kinds because he is so gentle, kind & caring and he has more patience than anyone we know. In his free time he enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and discovering new places to walk the dogs. When he is inside he enjoys working on computers and other electronic devices. Paul's idol is Cesar Millan....the dog whisperer. Paul has read Cesar's books, listened to his audio cd's and watched his dvd's. In June 2009, Paul graduated from Penn Foster University where he received his career diploma and certification in canine obedience instruction. He left Mohegan Sun in 2018 to follow his dream after 21 years.




Jason's background


Jason is a 50 year old Product Manager for Federal Electronics. Jason has also raised animals his entire life and his favorites are also dogs and holland lop rabbits. He also has a passion for orchid culture. In his free time he enjoys: reading, walking, hiking and indoor and outdoor gardening. Jason loves country music and sings it whenever he has the time and energy. Jason also raises, breeds and shows holland lop bunnies.






Note: Please visit the Jason's Hollands section of our website.

A note from Jason & Paul:

We hope that this site inspires you to live the life you want to live and to follow your own path to reach your desires! America is the best country to live in, allowing us to be successful in our personal paths if we choose to. We believe that success is not determined by our careers, but whether we live our lives the way that we want to. Try for something you love and take the chance of regretting it later, rather than regret not trying it at all. To be distinct, you must be different; you must walk down the least traveled path. You must pursue your passions to achieve your dreams! Thanks for spending a little time with us. Come back soon!

(written by Erica Hoagland Simpson & Jason)