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(This page updated 12/18/2015)

Welcome to Jason's Hollands

Award winning Holland lops with type & personality



JH Mattox





Jasper and L&R Leo





Please note: None of the buns on this page are for sale!


We are a small rabbitry located in Griswold, CT. We breed, raise, show & sell Holland lop bunnies! We take great care of our rabbits and we are constantly striving to improve the Holland Lop breeds' Standard of Perfection. Our bunnies are our pets first and from birth on............they are handled often which makes them the best pets possible as they grow. We have raised bunnies our entire lives but began our Holland breeding adventure in January of 2007.

In May and June of 2008 we began to see our hard work and dedication to the holland lop breed pay off when we won our first awards. Thanks to all of our friends, family members and fellow breeders for always supporting us. We cannot thank you enough!

We are also members of ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) & HLRSC (Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club).

We update this page quite frequently.....and when we post updates....we post the date and the changes that were made. We also try to update pics of the buns often to show how they are maturing. We enjoy taking random pics of our herd.....as they are so full of personality.

Enjoy looking around!



"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away."





Due to recent circumstances....I feel the need to clarify my Holland lop sales policy. As rabbits become available..they are offered to my waiting list first and more often then not...I have people waiting. If you are on my waiting list that means I have received a deposit from you. I do not "hold" rabbits pending a deposit nor do I offer rabbits to someone before I consult my waiting list. If you call to inquire about a bun and then you DO NOT send a deposit...and someone else inquires..I will place that bun. There have been a few times recently where people say they are sending a deposit and I never get one and then weeks later call again looking for that same bun. So, going forward please understand that my policy is first come, first served. If you are truly interested in a bun, then send a timely deposit to be added to my waiting list. Deposits are non refundable. Thanks for your understanding.





Show news:


March 2, 2014: Smithfield, RI results as follows:
Jason's Hollands Mattox - BOB, BOV
CRH's Haities- 1st and BOV
Jason's Hollands Joshua- Two 1st places, BOV
Jason's Hollands Sven- 2nd, 3rd

We showed at the Windham, Maine triple rabbit show January 19, 2014 where Jason's Hollands Mattox placed 1st, 1st and 2nd in his classes, Jason's Hollands Joshua (first time out) placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in his junior classes and CRH's Haities placed 3rd in all 3 of his classes as a very young senior. :o)




Jason's Hollands Mattox wins Best of Breed under judge Jodi Hartman- 90 Hollands shown

Storrs, CT rabbit show November 10, 2013




Jason's Hollands Mattox wins Best of Breed under judge Briony Barnes from Kansas- 112 Hollands shown

North Haven, CT rabbit show June 3, 2012





Rabbit show season pics! :o)


Jason with Jill (left) and Jason with Kelly - I am so blessed to have some of the best friends ever from the rabbit world! :o)



JH Nala, Best of Breed with Paul


JH Tacoma, Best of Breed with Sue


JH Mattox- Best of Breed with Wade, JH Topher- Best Opposite Sex of Breed with Jason (Todd N was the judge), JH Tacoma- Best Opposite Sex of Breed with Lisa







Jason can be reached on his cell phone at 860-319-7529 or email him at jasongoulet1@gmail.com

If you are interested in a bunny or if you have any questions...please email or call me. We also have an ongoing waiting list that you can be added to.

Thanks for hoppin by!



"Life is a gift, not a given!"



The Jason's Hollands Herd




L&R Leo flew all day 2/12/2010 from Portland, OR to SLC, UT to Boston, MA. We needed a nice herd buck to go with our does and we certainly got one :o)

It is with a very heavy heart that I let you know that L&R Leo passed away 12/7/15. For my rabbit breeding buddies out there...you know the impact that Leo has had on not only my Holland lop herd but so many other herds as well. He was only 6 years old. :o( I want to thank Linda Jinings for shipping Leo to me back on 2/12/2010. He was the patriarch to my herd and so many of his off spring will carry on his legacy now but my bouncing mush love muffin will surely be missed. His cage remains empty for a while with his most favorite toys. I will miss you buddy. No bunny snuggled like you Leo and your bunny kisses will forever stay etched in my memory. Rest in peace buddy.



L & R Leo

Broken black tort buck- DOB 7/9/09- 12/7/15 :o(

Sire- L & R Brinkley (Broken black tort)
Dam- L & R Fern (Black tort)

Leo is a very typey buck and the patriarch of my herd. He has definitely improved the type and look of my hollands. He has a beautiful head, ear, crown....very close to perfect I think. His ears lay right against his head and his crown is a true horseshoe crown. Leo's overall balance is amazing which includes a short, deep body and a full, deep & massive hindquarter. Add to that his very curious, social and outgoing personality and you have the entire holland package. He is a teddy bear and begs for attention all of the time. He also has many off spring out there who have contributed nicely to other herds. Thank you Linda and Ron Jinings for such a nice buck.







Jason's Hollands Mattox

Broken tort buck - DOB 7/16/2010

Sire- L & R Leo (Broken black tort)
Dam- Jason's Hollands Kassie (Blue tort)

Mattox is a mini Leo in so many ways from his type, to his personality, to his laid back nature. I love everything about Mattox. Mattox earned his 16th leg recently!


Mattox above as a baby







Jason's Hollands Vedalo

Broken tort buck - DOB 4/9/2011

Sire- L & R Leo (Broken black tort)
Dam- Jason's Hollands Malina (Black tort)

So look who returned home to me to finish out his show career and his life where it all began for him :o)...Jason's Hollands Vedalo was acquired by Kelly Hurley Burton and Emily Burton three years ago and he has done really well for them on the show tables receiving 20+ legs in the past three years of showing him. Vedalo was born here and is another L&R Leo son who is just like his dad in so many ways. I am excited to have him back here and look forward to showing him in Open. Thank you ladies for another wonderful gift. Thanks again also to Linda Jinings for L&R Leo. :o)






Clover Ridge Hollands Haities

Broken black tort buck- DOB 10/1/12

Sire- Jason's Hollands Vedalo (Broken black tort)
Dam- Woodland Acre's Hope (Black tort)

A very generous gift from my bff Kelly Burton and her daughter Emily Burton. Haities goes back to L&R Leo :o)






Jason's Hollands Meeko

Broken black tort buck- DOB 7/7/2014

Sire- Jason's Hollands Joshua (Black tort)
Dam- Jason's Hollands Biddy (Broken black tort)






Jason's Hollands Simba

Black tort buck- DOB 4/29/2014

Sire- Jason's Hollands Sven (Black tort)
Dam- Jason's Hollands Ariel (Black tort)






Jason's Hollands Joshua

Black tort buck- DOB 6/24/2013

Sire- Woodland Acre's Wes (Sable point)
Dam- Jason's Hollands Nina (Broken black tort)

Jason's Hollands Joshua is a very busy buck and he tends to over pose...but he has thick bone and a nice short and compact body. He is a goof ball and won't sit still for a minute to get a proper picture taken :oP






Jason's Hollands Sven

Black tort buck- DOB 7/20/2013

Sire- Jason's Hollands Rafiki (Black tort)
Dam- Jason's Hollands Sabra (Broken blue tort)

Jason's Hollands Sven is a very nice buck...and he might just have the fullest crown I have ever produced! :o) Sven is very laid back like his sire and will need some time to grow into himself. He presses his face so hard against the cage door to come out that he has removed his whiskers and some facial fur LOL....hopefully more toys will correct this. :o)






"We make a living by what we get,
We make a life by what we give"








Jason's Hollands Nina

Broken black tort doe- DOB 12/23/11

Sire- Jason's Hollands Alazar (Black tort)
Dam- Jason's Hollands Reflection (Broken black tort)






Jason's Hollands Biddy (BD1)

Broken black tort doe- DOB 7/20/2013

Sire- Jason's Hollands Rafiki (Black tort)
Dam- Jason's Hollands Sabra (Broken blue tort)






Jason's Hollands Ariel

Black tort doe- DOB 12/23/11

Sire- Jason's Hollands Alazar (Black tort)
Dam- Jason's Hollands Reflection (Broken black tort)

Ariel is one of my most favorite does.....she is on the smaller side and has produced JP, Rafiki, Triumph and Bambu thus far. Ariel loves to get photographed and when she sees the camera she strikes a pose, waits for the flash to go off and then poses again lol.....the below pics are an example of that.....love her!!!!






Proud Ear's Sugar Dumpling

Black tort doe - DOB 8/11/2010

Sire- PE's Kimball (Black tort)
Dam- Y&K's Brownie (Black tort)

Sugar is the matriarch of my herd and has been with me for quite a while now. She has produced some very nice babies who have also became herd members. She is a sweet doe and an excellent mom. :o)













In Memory of.....................

THF Saynora's Sienna

Broken Black tort- DOB 9/24/06

Sire- THF Saynora's Scirroco (Broken tort)- Shaggy & Zelma
Dam- THF Saynora's Roseanne (Black tort)- Zack & Roszella

Sienna was my first holland doe. Sienna and Heion produced my first holland litter which produced JH Lakota II...who became my very first holland to be granded. Sienna is a teddy bear doe in that she is very mellow, friendly and forgiving. She is an excellent mom and over the years has fostered many kits from other does. There are many Sienna off spring in pet homes and with fellow breeders because of her type, her personality and her beauty. Thank you to Tracy and Jenna for raising such a wonderul holland doe. :o)


Rest in Peace Liam the lover

Grand Champion Trio's Liam (10 legs- 1- RIS, 6- BOB, 1- BOSB, 1- BOSV, 1- BOV and a class win.)

Blue buck- DOB 1/30/06

Sire- Rabbit Hill's Surfer Boy (Blue)
Dam- ELS's Saffron (Blue)

Liam is a full to the table buck with incredible mass. He is well balanced.......with a thick flat open ear, bold eye, beautiful curvature, deep chest, nice topline and a friendly personality. He goes back to GC Tommie's Rootbeer on his dam's side and he's almost entirely Pitney on his sire's side.

12/22/10- Liam quietly slipped away from us today.....approx 1 week after battling some sort of illness that we could not seem to treat quick enough. We called him Liam the lover because he loved anything with a beating heart....be it dog, bird, rabbit, human being etc....and he had the best disposition. Liam taught me the standard of perfection because when he posed at a rabbit show, he was the standard of perfection in my opinion and you certainly took notice of him.....Liam helped me to gain confidence in showing hollands and he also helped me to meet fellow holland breeders because people often stopped by at a show to compliment Liam or emailed to ask questions about him and his babies. Liam was awesome and he will certainly be missed. Thank you Liam for years of beautiful holland memories which I will cherish forever! Thank you Jessica for sharing such an outstanding holland with me.


The day I purchased Liam from Jessica back on 3/1/09 he won back to back BOB's at the Taunton, MA rabbit show...but the most fun came when Jill and I traveled to VT together.....read on below

Jill Morton and I spent the Memorial Day weekend 2009 in Rutland, VT at the "Lop a looza" all day rabbit show which took place on May 24th where lop eared rabbit breeds were judged 3 times by 3 different judges. The event was held at the Vermont State Fairgrounds and we had an absolute blast.....the scenery on our drive from RI to VT was breath taking....the fields of green, the mountains, the farms.....simply gorgeous!

Just when I think it could not get any better............we quickly found out that it most certainly could get better.....

Trio's Liam won BOB under Roger Cota (NY) out of 50 hollands, BOSB under Brian Sawchuk (NY) out of 49 hollands and BOB under Josh Humphries (TN) out of 65 hollands AND then went on to win 1st Reserve in Show under Josh Humphries......

(it was a proud moment for me but one that I wish I could have shared with Jessica Yingling from Trio Rabbitry....as she raised this absolutely gorgeous holland lop rabbit....Jessica...when you read this.....THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN....:)


(above- Josh H posing Liam just before his Reserve in show win)


(above- Jason & Josh H with Liam after his Reserve in show win)


(above- Liam at home with his awards....he had had it with posing.....so I took one pic and this was it...poor guy was wiped out and rightfully so)


Rest in Peace my sweet Marlene

Woodland Acres Marlene

Sable point doe- DOB 4/10/08

Sire- A & M's Rocky Point (Sable point)
Dam- Woodland Acres Louise (Pointed white)

I just love this doe. She has everything to offer a breeding program....but most of all she has become part of our family.....I have never seen a holland lop play with toys the way Marlene plays with her toys. Thank you so much Jill and Emma....she truly is a gift that just keeps on giving :o)

9/8/10- Marlene quietly slipped away from us today.....hours after giving birth to 2 kits. I have no idea what happened or what took her, but I do know that I was blessed with 2+ years with her and I will never forgot her curious, playful nudges nor will I forget how hard she played with her toys. Marlene will always have a very special place in my heart and I am comforted knowing that I still have Marissa to carry on her mom's legacy. I also have these 2 special little kits who Marlene left behind being raised by Marissa. There is something beautifully ironic about that I think. Thank you Marlene for years of beautiful holland memories which I will cherish forever!




Grand Champion Windswept's Heion (3 legs- 2- BOB, 1- 1st place)

Black tort- DOB 4/14/05

Sire- Windswept's Ducati (Sable point)
Dam- D & A's Sheri (Blue)

Heion started it all off for me in Hollands and I simply cannot say enough about him. Heion has turned out to be an amazing herd buck helping to produce some of my herd's finest offspring and he has babies all over the country helping to move other holland herds forward as well. Heion is a teddy bear and is always there at his cage door to greet me everyday. He is always willing to pose for pictures and for judges and he loves to be held. I place him on the floor and he follows me everywhere. Heion is the type of herd buck that will have a forever home here because not only has he contributed so much to Jason's Hollands...........but most of all Heion has added personality to our breeding program as well. I love this buck!


North Haven, CT

Windswept's Heion- BOV & BOB out of 40+ Hollands

Best of Breed



Grand Champion Jason's Hollands Lakota II (5 legs- 1- BOV, 2- BOSG, Best Broken Holland in VT, 5- 1st places)

Broken Blue tort- DOB 11/1/07

Sire- Windswept's Heion (Black tort)
Dam- THF Saynora's Sienna (Broken black tort)


Lakota II is all grown up now and hard to believe he was the first baby born into this rabbitry.....and he has definitely come into his own as he has matured! His head is fuller and his hind qtr his fuller...it is true what they say that some bucks are worth waiting out........just love this Heion/Sienna combination.....guess I will be waiting out his offspring for a while as well! Lakota II does well on the show tables no matter where I bring him and he has become a favorite amongst youth breeders and children because of his playful antics. Love this buck!