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(This page updated 3/2021)

Our Family




Lakota is our oldest family member.
In August of 1997, Paul was given an 8 week old German Shepherd/ Chow mix breed puppy as a gift from his brother and that gift changed his life and our lives forever.
Paul decided on the name Lakota after seeing that Indian tribes' name on the back of a book of matches.
Jason met Paul & Lakota in February of 2001 and we have been attached at the heart strings ever since.
Lakota is many things to our family: the alpha dog, the avid swimmer, the cookie eater to name a few........but mostly he is the best friend that anyone could ask for.
He licks tears, he barks at any animal he sees on tv, he howls to fire engine sirens or Celine Dion songs, he opens wrapped presents all on his own and he will follow us around the house just waiting for us to sit down so he can curl up next to us and give kisses. Lakota also loves most other dogs, parrots and rabbits.
Lakota is 16 years old and he still loves his squeaky toys, his water toys and still has the energy, stamina and persistence of a puppy.
We love Lakota more than words can say. The bond that Lakota shares with each member of our family is truly an amazing gift.

June 3rd, 2014- Rest in Peace our sweet lil ole man. Thank you for 17 of the most wonderful years of our lives. We love you to the moon and back!




Nefertiti fell into our laps when we were searching for a second dog. Lakota was getting older and we felt like he needed company....perhaps a younger dog that would keep him young at heart and playful. We were referred to Bea at "My Dog's Place" in Niantic, CT and we were told that Bea had some dogs that she was looking to find good homes for. So we randomly stopped by "My Dog's Place" one afternoon and talked with Bea. She told us that she had a dog with her that day that was about the same size and color even as Lakota. She brought Nefertiti out to meet us and we knew upon first glimpse that we were taking her home with us. She was a bit skiddish at first but soon after adopting her.....Neffie took to Kota and the rest is history. Nefertiti came to us when she was 13 months old and she is now 10 years old. She is a Border Collie/ Rottie mix and she has the sweetest, most layed back personality and stubborn way about her......but we love her to pieces. She loves food and has been on a diet for years to keep her weight in check. She has kept Kota young by romping around with him and she becomes more and more affectionate with each passing year.




Jasper came to us from a rescue in Cincinnati, OH. Someone left his mother on the side of an Ohio freeway moments before giving birth to 7 puppies. We were told about the story by a pet sitting client of ours. We had been talking about a third dog to give Neffie someone else to play with. Kota was getting older and he just could no longer keep up with Neffie's playful demands. Paul had wanted a pet named Jasper for the longest time...but every pet we seemed to get after Lakota was female. We emailed the rescue to find out more info and we were sent pics of the 7 pups. Whenever we saw Jasper's face...we knew we had to have him. He was driven down from Ohio to CT when he was just 8 weeks old and he is now 7 years old. Jasper was an answer to our prayers as he has become Neffie's biggest fan and is always after her to play and run. Jasper is an Australian Shepherd/ Golden Retriever mix and he is very sensitive and very smart. He is all mind. The slightest thing out of place sets him off. His first year with us was a trying one.....he was car sick, got a stick caught in his throat that required surgery, he got puppy warts and he sprained a leg. Since then though.....he has brought us so much joy, laughter and enjoyment. He is our love muffin and he enjoys swimming with Kota, taking walks or runs in the woods on trails with Neffie and loves to cuddle. While Neffie & Jasper are playing.....Kota is either swimming or just hanging out with Paul and Jason and everyone is content.




Belle is our 11 year old Umbrella cockatoo parrot. We purchased Belle from Featherlust Farms in Old Saybrook, CT. She is very comical and considers Paul to be her mate. We picked Belle out from an egg and watched her grow up from a featherless little pink chick to this beautiful bird in approx 5 months time. She came home to us when she was 5 months old. Living with and raising a parrot is like having a 2 year old child for 80 years that will never grow up- ha! They are demanding, require alot of attention and make alot of noise......but Belle also gives us countless hours of laughs and she loves to be held and cuddled. Cockatoos are the teddy bears of the parrot world. She says approx 20 words now including: hello, hi, girlfriend, no, are you a good girl, love you....and many more. Belle has a very large indoor cage and an outdoor cage where she ventures out to get some fresh air. Parrots are very intelligent creatures and need to be constantly stimulated with new toys, food and treats to avoid negative behaviors. Belle is alot of fun to have around and she gets along well with our dogs and the bunnies. She shows off like in the above pics when she knows we are watching her. She also hates or loves our witch - it is hard to tell. She fluffs right up whenever she sees the witch- ha!


Lakota, Nefertiti, Jasper and Belle are the closest we will have to children and they make our lives complete.


Another passion of ours is flowers of all kinds........mainly orchids indoors and many different kinds of flowers outdoors in our perrenial gardens. We now have 50+ orchid plants that thrive in our sunroom. Jason received an orchid plant as a gift approx. 25 years ago and we still have it and that led to an orchid obesession of sorts. We have also spent the last 5 years working hard on landscaping our yard. The hard work is beginning to pay off.


Our yard

Home grown roses


Green Falls

We go to Green Falls often with the dogs. It is natural beauty with its streams, lakes, woods, trails and simple magnificence that makes living in this part of Connecticut such a wonderful thing. Here are some pics of us at Green Falls.


Misc pics


Our pond