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If you would like Professional/Personal References here is a list:

Jim Albright- 860-888-2965
Marketing Manager

Missey Petrella- 860-928-6507

Christine Otten- 860-928-4943
Physical Therapist

Ilona Barber- 860-464-2732

Robert “Smitty” & Doreen Smith- 860-376-3888
Police Officer/ Store Clerk

Bridgett Alea- 615-476-3728

Pfizer Clients- Deb Bacewicz, Jane Bennett, Deb Camacho, Gary Hatch, Sheila Cooper, Shelli Stewart, Carol Hicks, Sue Drozda, Terry Geer, Sharon Halley, Sandra Jennings, Gary Lombardo, Kevin Ogilvie, Rich Oraskovich, Christine Strick, Caroline Toffoli, Laurie Tylaska






We highly recommend PJ's Petsitting to anyone looking for an alternative to boarding! Paul and Jason take wonderful care of our 3 dogs and cat while we are away - in fact they go above and beyond just petsitting - we have a special needs dog and we're always comfortable while away knowing she is being well taken care of. They also take care of our home- bringing in mail and newspapers and even shoveling snow during our last trip! We can relax and enjoy vacations now - we don't worry about how things are going back home because we have total confidence in PJ's!

Ann and Floyd Chesbro
Griswold, CT



You guys were wonderful with Milo! We felt so much more comfortable leaving him in your care than in a kennel. Milo normally loses weight when he stays in a kennel and always looks so nervous and wired when we pick him up. This time he did not lose weight and he looked very relaxed when we came in. You guys were above and beyond our expectations. Milo loves his new toy! Thank you for it, the treats, and for all your time, love and attention you gave to Milo. Feel free to use us as a reference for people who are considering hiring you guys to pet sit for them.

Bridgett Alea



PJ's Pet Sitting Client Report & Suggestions:
Report: Lundy Beard

I have been using pet sitters for more than 25 years; as an active duty military member, I have lived all over the United States and have utilized pet sitting services in several different parts of the country. Of all the petsitting services I have used over the years, from private to "doggie daycares" to boarding kennels to veterinarian office boarding services , none is in the same league as PJ's Pet Sitting. Their prices, the broad range of services they offer, the caring and compassion they demonstrate towards pets as well as their owners, makes them stand out head and shoulders above other services. Their sincere love for animals—all animals—is easy to see, and that love reveals itself in the ways they interact with my pets and the way they seem to understand my pets needs. Above all, PJ's is flexible and amenable to last minute schedule changes when it can't be helped; they are "problem-solvers" instead of problem makers; they make every attempt humanly possible to adapt themselves to each individual need as opposed to forcing their customers into a "set in stone" policy. They are genuine and caring and loving towards animals; when you place your pet in their care, you know for a fact that your pet is receiving the very best care, and love, next to being with you. They leave daily pet reports outlining your pet's activities for the day; they leave little presents for your pet and, out of a desire to help, and just genuine kindness, they have, on occasion, when visiting my house, brought my mail in and brought my trash cans up from the curb after trash day! It's like having family around. There is only one-drawback to using PJ's : after being with PJ's, no other pet sitting service will do! It's PJ's or no one. They have set a new standard for pet care that cannot be matched, in my opinion.

Lundy Beard



We were extremely satisfied with your pet sitting service. Especially since you had to take care of our four doggies, the parakeets and the chickens. You took excellent care of everyone. I think you even went above and beyond what I would have expected from pet sitters. You went out of your way to make sure that the dogs were all eating and that they were relaxed and happy. We could tell when we got home that they were all happy and doing well. Considering that this was the first time you had taken care of chickens, you did a great job. I really appreciated how you kept a written log for each of your visits. We haven't been able to travel much in the past because of all of our critters, but now we will definitely be able to get away more often because we know that we can depend on you to take great care of our brood. I wil definitely recommend you to others, in fact, I have already given out a couple of your business cards to friends. Anyway, thanks again for all that you did. We really appreicated it.

Shelli Stewart & Marc Smeets